Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Call Me Mr. Green Jeans

My Panda plant needed some attention. The tall picture is after I cut leaves off for transplant, the close-up is one I transplanted this summer. Transplant? Propagate? Clone? Multiply? Breed? Whatever.

The pots are raku clay with a raku firing technique to give them that metallic glow. Raku is a tricky process involving fireproof gloves and tongs and and coordination and serendipity to produce distinctive results. I like the effects I got but I don't plan on doing any more raku in the future, as right now I'm more interested in the shapes and the sculptural part of working with clay.

Mr. Green Jeans? Here's a hint: Captain Kangaroo. Unfortunately, most of you are probably too young to have seen him.


Sherry Goodloe said...

I'm one of the "fortunate" ones. There was Bunny Rabbit and Mister Moose . . . ah yes, the good ole days

love your bowl!

Philip said...

I am sure that you are from Barcelona - possibly the reincarnation of Gaudi! Lovely piece of work - very organic.

Don Madden said...

Philip - Thanks. And now I'm off to do more research on Gaudi. Sad to say he never was on my radar screen before but he sure is now. Susan is drooling over the pictures of his work in Barcelona.