Saturday, December 27, 2008

My New Best Friend

I was a good boy this year. Very good. So good that Susan gave me this incredibly terrific gift for a Christmas present. No, not the attractive woman! The plastic skeleton. So WAY COOL! His name is Ray and he's wearing a hat she gave me also. Ray is my new best friend (after Susan, of course).

The woman who is trying to make time with Ray is Barbara ("BK"), a friend of ours from college days. She didn't want to mess with having a date on Christmas Day so we lured her over to our house for dinner (gumbo with shrimp and sausage and chocolate lava cakes for dessert). Then we told her we had the perfect date for her -- he had good manners, didn't eat much, never got drunk, and best of all, was a good listener.

BK and I met at Mrs. Grant's Boarding House for Women. Six rooms, twelve women, two bathrooms, no air-conditioning or heat, nightly curfews, and twenty meals a week for $100 a month. We all lived upstairs, Mrs. Grant lived downstairs and did most of the cooking with a cigarette with a 2" ash on it hanging out of her mouth. Lunch was always spotty, as it depended on what was happening on her favorite soap opera that day.


Sherry Goodloe said...

I've been waiting for a photo of Ray *smiles*. Susan swore me to secrecy earlier this year. Ray is so cool Don! And I love his hat - it's so "Ray" *smiles*

Robyn said...

...And I thought my christmas present was unusual! (I got the drill press)

Don Madden said...

Robyn -
A drill press would have been my second best choice - but I already have one! You'll really like it.