Friday, December 5, 2008

So You Think You've Got Enough Stuff?

One of my instructors has been Sharon Smith (work shown above). Sharon is the person who gave me the Carrion plant, not because it was a sly stinky plant, but because she knew it would be weirdly beautiful when it bloomed.

Maybe you think you have enough Stuff to make art with but I can promise you that Sharon has more. Lots more. And she's makes her Stuff her art environment. On her website click first on the option "Studio", which she has subtitled "The Real Smithsonian", and you'll get an idea of the real impact of her house and yard.

Yes, I've been in her house. No, it isn't as amazing as the pictures make it seem -- it's even more amazing and wilder and crazier and brain-exploding creative than you can ever imagine.

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Robyn said...

Thanks Don. I'm off over there now ro have a look.