Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tuba Christmas

Yesterday was my favorite day of the whole holiday season: Tuba Christmas. Over 200 tuba, sousaphone and euphonium players entertained us with a one-hour noon time concert on the steps of the Capitol. I really don't know what anything but a tuba is; the other instruments are smaller but they still do the oomp-pah sound just fine.

Mike and Janis and Susan and I arrived in plenty of time to get front row seats with our folding chairs. Then Janis and Susan abandoned us to play paparazzi as they both buzzed all over the place with their cameras -- Susan with her taped-up little camera and Janis with her heavy artillery.

Some schools bus in their band students from over 100 miles away so we get little guys and we get the old guys too. They practice for just one hour and then walk in to the Capital grounds and group up casually for the concert. Everyone has a great time, especially the spectators. Because the event never seems to get any publicity, other than word-of-mouth, the crowd isn't too big.

If you've never been to Tuba Christmas, GO! You might still be lucky enough to find one near you or at least plan ahead for next year.

Here's a picture Susan caught of Janis. The pictures following this one are all ones Janis took.

Both Susan and Janis were fascinated with this guy's tuba, which he bought on eBay.
Nothing says Christmas like Jingle Bells played on a tuba!


Sherry Goodloe said...

that old tuba that guy got on ebay is great! how much does something like that weigh anyway???? that looks like a back breaker!

Robyn said...

Wow, that must have been great! Many photo opportunities too.

Gigi said...

Susan - good photos!! G.