Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping we all have a Happy New Year. Zee Bunny went to my sister-in-law, Linda, who took the snowy Taos picture posted from a few days back.

To all the faithful readers of my blog, thank you for your validation. Throwing thoughts, words and art out into the vast anonymous cyberspace can be a lonely feeling but you have all made me feel so much richer for your comments and your contact.

My Blog Wrangler, Susan, is everything a computer-klutz like me can hope for. She types for me, fixes my photos, sends me off to Adult Day Care (better known as my ceramics class at our community college), and keeps order in my world and on my blog. She has pushed me and shoved me into the art world and into the blogging community and I'm a much happier person for it all. However, she has given me my one New Year's Resolution: To be better about reading other people's blogs.

Is a Resolution resolved if you do it 3 days in a row?

Susan speaks:
Don used to claim that his dyslexia made it hard for him to use the computer. But his prolonged playing of Bejeweled and TipTop let me shoot that claim down. I do try to balance out internet information time with creative time for him but, as we all know, any type of balance in life is hard to maintain. We'll continue to work on it.

For those poor demented souls who think we are such a Perfect Couple, here's a brief peek into our life that might provide a little reality wake-up:

S: Check out the blogs, ______ has a great entry today (just fill in your name here).
D: What does it say?
S: Check it out yourself. Besides, you haven't looked at anyone's blog in over a week and they look at yours all the time, you rude clod.
D: How do you know they look at mine?
S: By their comments. You have been checking your own comments, haven't you?
D: Oh. Sort of. Well, what do they say?
S: Say about what?
D: Anything. What do they say in their blogs? And in comments?
S: Read them yourself, you lazy bum! I can't be reading everything to you. I already have to tell you when you have email.
D: Email? Do I have email? What does it say?
S: Definitely what is says it that you're not going to get lucky at all, ever, in 2009. And now you're working on 2010.


Diane O. said...

Here's to your first comment of 2009! I do love your humor. Sounds like some of the conversations my hubby and I have. Best wishes to you this year.


Sherry Goodloe said...

I'm one of the poor demented souls who think you ARE a perfect couple! The balance in your relationship is just the best.

As for 3 consecutive days of checking and responding to e-mails and blogs goes, ahhhh no, your resolution has not been resolved. Duuuh Don! :)

One more comment. I was going to say that I can't believe that Don would use his dyslexia for a reason he had a hard time using the computer, but then I thought, good try Don! LOL

The whole stay at home thing last night was interrupted by a telephone call from my teenage son. He called around 1-ish to ask me to pick him up from the friend's house he was staying at for the night. Seems his cold was settling in and he just wanted to come home and sleep in his own bed. So I guess you can say "I went out for New Year's after all". Ha!

Robyn said...

And all this time I thought Don was a computer whizz who camped in front of his screen.....with Susan looking on fondly. Another poor demented soul here.

All the Best for 2009, you two love birds.