Sunday, February 8, 2009

Susan Opts for Cheryl

Susan speaks:
Robyn's Bug posts came to mind just about the time I was looking once again at some of Cheryl Finfrock's work. These just have to be pictures of Bug!

Cheryl's new show opens March 7th, if you're in the area it's worth a look-see. I love that her work seems so free and loose but I know that effect comes only through hard work, not happenstance. Her work always makes me smile. And so do the titles.


Cheryl Finfrock said...

Hey Susan! Thanks so much for including me in your blog!!
I really love Robyn's Bug posts.
....I have a painting in progress very similar to Bug & is based on a dream. Look forward to seeing your at Wally Workman Gallery 3/7!

Robyn said...

Oh yes that's Bug, without a doubt... especially when his legs go all squiggly before take off. I love Cheryl's work. Lots of yummy work on her site! Sunnyside up, White them all!

Sue Rostvold said...

I love Cheryl's work too! Sometimes it makes me smile and sometimes it make me say "What the -?"

They are always fun to look at though, I love the bright colors. There is something about those chicken-like creatures, they are almost kinda cute. Especially the ones that are riding pink bicycles! :)

Seth said...

These are so, so cool. Thanks for introducing me to Cheryl's work.