Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines for You

Susan is in love with her new CueCat and fast becoming obsessed with LibraryThing, thanks to J of OWOH. The bad part is that she says it is almost, almost as good as Amazon books and she spends too much time on it. The good part is that she can't buy books at LibraryThing.

In the meantime, while Susan scans everything she can find, I have been working. These little guys are BabyBuds and the ears have been eliminated on them. It was starting to get just a little too . . . cute. Hey, I'm a guy!

This photo shows some glazing, the photo above it shows pieces that are pending glazing and the clay looks darker because it's a new type I'm experimenting with (Laguna B3).


Sherry Goodloe said...

Ooooooooh, I LOVE baby buds!

And like Susan, I love LibraryThing as WELL! I put books on mine that I would like to have. My sil/bff got me 3 on my list for my birthday. Now I've got to add more to my slimming list *smiles*. And yes, it can be addicting when you log on and start searching for books. Yikes!

Robyn said...

BabyBuds are cute! Hey I really liked the ears...