Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baltimore-American Craft Council, Part 1

Please take the time to look at all the artists' websites. These images represent just a small portion of the great work we saw and we'll be putting up more pictures soon.

The work above and the two following are from Talya Baharal who was ever so patient and gracious in answering all my questions. The first piece is sterling silver, iron, steel and copper, a small piece about 4" in diameter. She calls this series "Urban Landscape Jewelry" -- a perfect description. The second piece is steel wire with flax and abaca paper, it's from her "Skin Forms" series. I've admired her work for years and the link to her website has always been shown on my blog.
The red quilt shown below is from Erin Wilson. She makes meticulous, tiny detailed squares and each one is different. The quilt below is only 42" wide, that means each square is only 3". The second picture shows a little more of the type of detail work she does, as the piece is only about 16" high. She has been selected to show a quilt at Quilt National 2009, which is sort of like making the Super Bowl for art quilters.

Thomas Meyers went way beyond patient in answering all of Susan's questions as she was very intrigued by the ethereal nature of his paper works. (He also makes luminous glass pieces). This image isn't great but it will have to do as a reminder of his work. What doesn't show is that there are layers underneath that make bare impressions on the top so that you feel that there is so much more to "read". The pieces made me think of communications from outer space.
George Peterson is a very skillful sculptor and not only does he make beautiful wood sculptures, his work is shaped with hand-held tools. The second image below could be either skateboards or ancient African masks -- your choice.

Look for more artists' work in the next few days.

Note: All artists shown here gave us their permission to post from their websites and/or cards.


Anonymous said...

did you tell me so? okay you told me so. yummmmm.

Robyn said...

Love this post! 2nd Talya Baharal piece is intriguing. The last one could be seed pods? 700 artists at the Craft Show? Brilliant! Looking forward to the next post.

Seth said...

Great links. Thanks.