Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welding + Ceramics

I miss welding but my elbows don't. When I was taking my welding classes I made a series of small sculptural pieces, mostly chairs, all about 2' feet high. This guy's body is a sewing machine treadle and his ceramic face is made with a pseudo-raku technique. His face was hanging on the wall and one day he finally claimed his body. Susan named him Elias.


magpie said...

I love this guy - his puzzled moon face - so expressive. There's a world of emotion there.

thanks so much for your curated view of the Baltimore show, guys


Robyn said...

I would love to wander through your house looking at all the art. What with Susan's paper masterpieces and your mouth watering well as diverse combined talents....I'd probably spend hours browsing. What does your bookshelf look like, Don?

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. I especially like the book bookshelf. Now that's what I call creative recycling! G.

Seth said...

Great expression. And I love how the shape of his face contrasts so with the shape of his body.