Monday, April 13, 2009

Cheryl and Printmaking

Susan speaks:
I went to a demo at Jerry's Artarama featuring Cheryl Finfrock. I love her work! (top image). She talked about screen printing and how she makes her pieces look distressed instead of having crisp, sharp edges (second image). When she asked for volunteers to give it a try we all sort of looked at each other. Finally, Xena, who had come in with her father, came over and enthusiastically did the usual thing kids do around art supplies -- she just started right in, didn't pay much attention to the specifics, asked for bright colors, and had a great time.


Seth said...

Really digging that first piece.

Robyn said...

The first one does it for me too. It's a pity we lose that dive-right-in-without-hangups thing that kids do.