Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Glass Man To Clay Man

This guy stands just about 6" high with a body of fused glass. I bought him a few years ago at some street art fair because I wanted to help out the artist who didn't seem to be making very many sales. The piece sat in the back of one of my shelves and has pretty much been ignored.

But when I was doing some clean-up last week I brought him out, dusted him off and looked harder at him. I now realize I like the way the artist put the ladder and the screws down for feet and the way he added chunky pieces to be like knee and ankle joints. In fact I'm liking the piece more every day.

Although I don't do glass stuff I'm trying to work out in my head a way to do a series of clay pieces like this. But much bigger. I'm not too good on little stuff. Rebar wire will work fine for the structure, it could be threaded through the clay body for the arms if I just make little holes in the piece in the right place. I'm thinking . . . .


Joan Tucker said...

Don I make porcelain beadheads and have fun with weird and wonderful faces.
You might be interested in Linda and Opie O Briens dada diaries.. I just took a class see: http://www.offcenterproductions.blogspot.com
down a few posts.I had a blast and plan to use my beadheads in future little assemblages. Lots of possibilities.Have fun, I love your blog..
Joan Tucker

Robyn said...

I hope the artist wasn't discouraged by low sales because this little guy has so much character. Glad you've brought him out of the shadows.

lklight said...

Hey Don, we met in Tom Ashman's class- finally got around to looking at your blog.
Your work is amazing, I really love your faces.
And this glass guy- I'm almost positive- was done by a friend who lives in Santa Fe, his name is Mitch & his co. is Wired glass.
I never cared much for glass until I got to know his work, now I collect a piece from him every year- we both show at the recycled show.
Small world!
Leighanna Light