Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New York City and Texas Bloggers Meet

Why this painting? Plan A: We set up a blind date with Magpie who said she'd meet us at this painting in the Met. It was like a scavenger hunt finding the painting but she fortunately didn't stand us up. Plan A Enhancement: We also arranged a meet-up with Lost Aussie and her Significant Other and we knew that would be a sure thing because we'd met them before. Lesson learned from the previous meeting: There are TWO coat check areas at The Met. If you are going to meet someone "at the coat check" be sure you specify which one.

The moons or stars or whatevers were aligned correctly because we did manage to all meet and went off to dinner together with conversations about blogging, art, travel, food and everything else under the sun. I'm a Loner by nature but meeting everyone was really special. Thank you, Lost Aussie and Magpie for being my Blog Buds.

Susan was a camera fiend on this trip and trailed behind us to get this picture as we all walked through Central Park. Susan and Magpie have decided they are twins separated at birth because they have so many similar likes and dislikes. Not that they even vaguely resemble each other.

Lost Aussie and I met in an art class over a year ago and when we came to New York City last fall I met her SO, who turned out to have gone to the same Texas college I did. The only thing missing from this gathering was The Altered Page, who had too many conflicts to make our meet-up. Next time!

Susan speaks: Many, many thanks to our New York City friends who took the time to meet us. As I struggle and fuss to put Don's blog entries up, I'll smile as I remember how good, really really good, it was to be with you.


Anonymous said...

thank you for allowing me to remain, photographically, virtually anonymous.


Seth said...

Wish it could have worked out too! Definitely next time!!

Lost Aussie said...

Great to meet up with the two of you again and to make the Magpie friend. A lovely get-together by all accounts!