Thursday, May 21, 2009

New York City, Another Part

Here are some random images that caught Susan's eye. This is a copper sculpture in the front courtyeard of a building across the street from the Met. It looked like a giant bird house, about five feet high.

This photo was taken inside the Met. Susan took about 10 pictures of this same arch while we were sitting in the Cafe. Each picture had a different camera setting as she was figuring out my/our/her new camers. I tried to explain to her the important thing to remember is which setting went with what photo. Her answer to that: "Damn, if I thought that was important I wouldn't have bothered to learn how 'Delete' works."

This camera belongs to a friend who left it in Susan's safekeeping while she went to get a cup of tea. The friend takes breathtakingly beautiful photos but says "Oh, this old camera... " That statement gives it all away -- she is definitely a superb photographer.

These cameras were for sale, just sitting in a camera graveyard.

Finally, why do people who live in New York City put donkey gargoyles on their window grills? Are they all Democrats?

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