Saturday, May 16, 2009

New York City, Part Two

In New York City we often stay at the Beacon Hotel where all the rooms have microwaves and little refrigerators. Right across the street is Citarella and upstairs is their bakery case where Susan buys her Porcupine Cake. $17.99, not that she even cares or notices because whatever the price is, a chocolate lover pays it. I'm glad to pay whatever the price is just so I don't have to hear her say "I hope they have Porcupine Cake. I really like Porcupine Cake. They'd better have Porcupine Cake..." at least a thousand times during the week before we get to the city.

Usually the Porcupine Cakes are little miniatures, just right for the two of us to split. But sometimes they just have the large one, suitable for frenzied attack. That's why the refrigerator is important because when you want Porcupine Cake for breakfast too..... Diligent as Susan is with the camera, this cake was already whacked into before she decided to catch her breath and take the picture.

Inside is very light and fluffy chocoate mousse and whipped cream filling, the outside is crisp chocolate g-something, twisted up into little curls. Silly as the cake looks, I like eating it, too, much to Susan's disappointment.

Was there anything else important we saw in New York City besides cake? Yes, but my Blog Wrangler is wandering off whining about missing her cake so you'll have to wait a day or so.


Seth said...

It cracks me up that this cake is one of New York's highlights! Haven't tried it yet...but now I will!

Robyn said...

Wish I could have porcupine cake!