Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NYC 2008 - Part 2

Last year at the MOMA there was a strange room with different light reflecting off the walls. It was some famous (obviously) artist and although I don't exactly understand what was happening it did make taking picture interesting. Here, Susan is trying to see the camera settings, which she never understands anyway. But she really doesn't care, she just keeps taking pictures like the one below. I don't exactly understand her pictures either but it keeps her happy and busy so who cares?


Robyn said...

There are many things about my camera that I don't understand (even though I've read the booklet)...but most of the photos come out ok, which is the main thing. Gorgeous tulips in the last post.

Anonymous said...

Robyn- Thanks -it's the taking that's fun, sometimes I don't even bother to look at them later.
Susan (on the road with minimal [gnash teeth here] internet)