Thursday, June 25, 2009

Angela Cunningham

One of the nice things about going to craft shows is being able to talk to the artists as you look at their work. When we were in Washington DC in April we went to the annual Smithsonian Craft Show. You have to submit your work to a jury to be considered and only 120 artists are chosen. Even if you were in before ,you still have to be re-juried in every year. So, the Best of the Best are on display.

Angela Cunningham's work is shown in these pictures. Be sure to check out her website. She is a very talented artist who does meticulous, unique work. Best of all, she talked to me about techniques and methods of working and shared some tips with me -- just as though I was a real artist, not just some guy muddling around in community college classes!


Robyn said...

Don, of course you are a real artist!!!
These pieces look rather toxic don't they? Fascinating work.

magpie said...

it's beneath you to
say such a thing.
and you know it too.
seriously ;0

cunningham's work is
seriously sexy