Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NYC - Disintegration Revisited

Oh, yeah. You thought I was weird because I posted pictures of dead things disintegrating. No, I'm not weird, just copying other important people. Like the important people who put dead things in display cases at THE Metropolitan Museum of Art. My dead thing (stolen by a really weird person) was ca. 2009 A.D., their dead thing was ca. 1450 B.C.

If you are a politically correct person you don't use B.C. and A. D., instead you use something else like C.E. But I don't know those details. Anyway, the museum's dead thing was about 3,460 years ago. I think. You can do the math for me.

I'd also like to think I'm relatively politically correct, am not a sexist pig, and am somewhat suave and debonair. However, I still get confused as to where Yugoslavia went, I like to refer to my female friends and acquaintances as "My Gals", and Susan has to remind me not to wear white socks with my brown shoes.

Note: Seth has the market cornered on Disintegration as an art form. Check it out.

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Seth said...

Maybe your version will turn up in a museum one day too!