Saturday, June 27, 2009


I like to look for rusty metal pieces with character, which means they "speak" to me. Then the challenge is to make a head that also speaks to me. And the final challenge here was to make a head that looked like it had been around as long as the metal piece had.

Susan said, "What do you want me to type in for his name?"
I said, "Little Dude".
She gave me The Look and said, "You can't keep calling every piece you make the same thing. It will give them an identity complex".
His name is Rodney. Why? Beats me. It just jumped into my head. Or maybe he told me.


Robyn said...

He looks like a Rodney.

leighanna light said...

Yes, he does look like a Rodney, & I can completely relate to your process.

I'm always at a loss for names, but I think I've solved that problem finally. I got a baby name book, well, actually it's an app that I have on my i-pod. When I'm waiting in line, or bored, I'll go through the list & save all of my favorites. So far, I have about 200 names to choose from!
I love looking at your work & I'm happy that I found your blog.

Seth said...

Rodney is pretty rad!