Thursday, July 9, 2009

3rd Rock From The Sun

This is Violet BGH (Big Giant Head). She is Spike's sister but they have a lot of sibling rivalry and don't speak to each other.

I like to combine metal and clay because I think it adds a 3rd dimension and I like the weirdness it gives a piece. The spikes and nails I put in pieces don't signify anything mean or evil, they are just giving me a contrasting material to work with.

Colors come from different layers of underglaze that I apply and then sand down until I get what I think will be a good blend of colors. My inspiration in a lot of this is Seth's work and the effects he gets from layering.


Anonymous said...

very dark indeed. like it a lot
and that scares me...


Seth said...

Facinating piece here. And thank you so much for this compliment!