Saturday, July 11, 2009

Man and Metal

These first three pieces were made in a class I took. They probably won't get any more work done on them as Susan doesn't wear jewelry, but some of my ceramic dudes might wind up wearing them. They are made of old roof tin, copper tubing from old air conditioners, copper wire (soldered), copper rivets, and rebar wire.

The next picture shows my first attempts at soldering. Yes, I can weld but until I took a class from Stephanie Lee I didn't seem to be able to solder at all. I was trying to create an organic look around some bezels made from 1" copper pipe.

Finally, the pieces below are what I'm going to be working on next. The flies and the turtle are bought pieces, the mask is a button, and the hand is a charm I found. I plan to solder the bezels and then do a resin cast for the pieces in the bezel. That's the Plan anyway, Susan Lenart Kazmer will be my mentor in this.

Ceramics is taking a back seat for a while. Since we are projected to get to 106 degrees today I find it much more enjoyable to be inside working instead of in the garage.


Robyn said...

I like those nesty looking pieces in the middle photo.

Diane O. said...

I like them...I think you have a talent for this.

Sherry Goodloe said...

I must have been sleeping or something to have missed this post! I LOVE all of these Don . . . nice, very nice.