Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seth's Buried Treasure

Seth Apter continues to encourage and promote a lot of artistic bloggers. And, as the photo above shows, he is a very talented artist.

His current project is Buried Treasure: "There are usually many, many posts that I have never seen that were put up before I discovered a new blog. I just don't have time to go post by post from beginning to end in order to see all that is available. So...Buried Treasure is about digging deep to uncover some hidden gems. The premise is simple. On Thursday July 16 all participating bloggers will re-post one (or more) of their favorite posts from their blog. "

I'm giving you three selected posts. One because it shows one of my favorite art pieces, one because it shows you a rare picture of my Blog Wrangler, and then there's one that is a pathetic attempt at making excuses for my slothful blogging and posting behavior.

Thanks, once again, Seth, for doing so much to promote blogging and encouraging us all.

Originally posted on September 3, 2008:

Sometimes all I have to do is look at my scrap metal and a piece will turn into a person before I know it. Then, it's just a matter of waiting until the right ceramic head appears. I don't design the heads with the scrap metal pieces in mind. But, when the right combination happens, you just know it. It speaks to you.

Originally posted on August 11, 2008:

We picked Janis and Carol up at the hotel for a quick trip to Whole Foods. As soon as Carol had settled in the car she said, "Oh, Don, I've seen your blog and you and Susan seem like such a loving couple!"

Susan and I both burst out laughing. We explained to Carol that she needed to rewind the tape to 15 minutes earlier as we drove to Target to get one stupid item:

D: "If you think you can do a better job, then you can drive!"
S: "Watch out! You're going the wrong way down the parking lane!"
D: "I'm looking for a spot in the shade!"
S: "Just park the damned car in the right direction!"
D: "You want to drive?!? I'm looking for a shady spot."
S: "This is it? You park the %$#*-ing car in the shade to keep it cool but I have to walk back past 4 empty rows in the 175 degree heat to get in the store?!?!"

Why does Target put all the totally useless junk at the front of the store but puts very useful things, like light bulbs, toilet paper and boxer shorts, way in the back? Fortunately, we managed to get out of Target without ripping each other to shreds. So goes a normal day in the life of a loving couple.

Originally posted on January 1, 2009:

Here's hoping we all have a Happy New Year. Zee Bunny went to my sister-in-law, Linda, who took the snowy Taos picture posted from a few days back.

To all the faithful readers of my blog, thank you for your validation. Throwing thoughts, words and art out into the vast anonymous cyberspace can be a lonely feeling but you have all made me feel so much richer for your comments and your contact.

My Blog Wrangler, Susan, is everything a computer-klutz like me can hope for. She types for me, fixes my photos, sends me off to Adult Day Care (better known as my ceramics class at our community college), and keeps order in my world and on my blog. She has pushed me and shoved me into the art world and into the blogging community and I'm a much happier person for it all. However, she has given me my one New Year's Resolution: To be better about reading other people's blogs.

Is a Resolution resolved if you do it 3 days in a row?

Susan speaks:
Don used to claim that his dyslexia made it hard for him to use the computer. But his prolonged playing of Bejeweled and TipTop let me shoot that claim down. I do try to balance out internet information time with creative time for him but, as we all know, any type of balance in life is hard to maintain. We'll continue to work on it.

For those poor demented souls who think we are such a Perfect Couple, here's a brief peek into our life that might provide a little reality wake-up:

S: Check out the blogs, ______ has a great entry today (just fill in your name here).
D: What does it say?
S: Check it out yourself. Besides, you haven't looked at anyone's blog in over a week and they look at yours all the time, you rude clod.
D: How do you know they look at mine?
S: By their comments. You have been checking your own comments, haven't you?
D: Oh. Sort of. Well, what do they say?
S: Say about what?
D: Anything. What do they say in their blogs? And in comments?
S: Read them yourself, you lazy bum! I can't be reading everything to you. I already have to tell you when you have email.
D: Email? Do I have email? What does it say?
S: Definitely what is says it that you're not going to get lucky at all, ever, in 2009. And now you're working on 2010.


Jeb said...

The scrap metal piece is awesome!

ArtPropelled said...

Ok, ok you're not a perfect couple but you both look pretty good in the photo :-)

Lost Aussie said...

Such 'treasured moments'! :-)))
thanks for sharing!

lyle baxter said...

dont think you two have exclusive rights to the he said she said ring. we all contribute our share!! your characters are delightful and thanks to seth I,ll be back to look some more! lyle

Ginny Gaskill said...

Sounds like it works for you! Happy blogging to both of you.

An Evolving Artist @ said...

Loved the "mix" of reposts. I love your first picture. I do a bit of assemblage too, and that is one cute person!

Seth said...

Great choices to repost. Not sure which I like better...the cool assemblage guy or the stories that show the humor that you both obviously carry throughout your relationships. Okay...I like them both! Thanks for playing along. And make sure Don actually reads this comment!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

first time visitor by way of the treasure trail and I'm thrilled to be here. :)

ps ... I married a Don, so liked you at the very beginning, but then I saw when it worked, perfect couple talk & Zee Bunny and well, that's all she wrote. :)