Monday, August 17, 2009

1000 Journals and Someguy

We were in Phoenix earlier this month and were fortunate to attend a screening of the documentary 1000 Journals. Even better than that, Someguy, the Project Creator, was there and did a Q-and-A after the screening. Even better than that, he signed his book (click here) for people. AND, even better than that, he brought some of the Journals with him and we got to put stuff in them! Actually, Susan did all the writing and even added a small sticker photo of us (the one in the blog from our anniversary) and also a sticker of a graffiti hand.

How could he bring journals for us to put stuff in? Easy - he's received some back and they weren't totally filled in, some blank pages were still waiting for their words and images. Which one did Susan write in? We have no idea because the line of people behind us waiting for their turn was getting restless so she surrendered the Journal in a hurry.

How many Journals went out into the world? 1000. How many have come back to him? Around 30, but over 235 of them have pages that have been scanned and uploaded (click here) so he knows they are "active". What is Someguy like? A nice, easy-going, gentle soul. What does he look like? Here's your chance to see:

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3rdEyeMuse said...

that must have been such an amazing experience. thanks for the link to the ones uploaded. :)