Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mr. Kleenex

It's the Walking Wounded at our house. I'm still on pain pills for the root canal work I had done (2 sessions with a crown going on in 2 weeks). Susan is suffering from a nasty cold that has slammed her in the nose (dripping), throat (sore) and chest (coughing a lot). She'd like to claim it as the flu but because she doesn't have a fever or aches she has to deal with the indignity of just having something ordinary. We know that if you do nothing to treat the common cold it will take 7 days to go away. If you go to the doctor and ask for something to treat it you will recover in a week.

Her sister suggested something called a netti pot which, after hearing the description, Susan shot down immediately as it sounded too much like waterboarding.

Instead, Susan just uses Mr. Kleenex. A LOT.
Late update, due to email questions: Find Mr. Kleenex (aka "Rudy") here (or probably lots of other places), Susan painted him for some forgotten reason.

In the interest of keeping this post art-related we've included a picture of me tearing apart our old air-conditioning unit that was replaced last month and a picture of one piece salvaged from it. More pictures of the cool parts to appear in the future (when the Blog Wrangler gets around to it). And just to go full circle, the cost of replacing a 2-ton air conditioning/heater unit will probably wind up being about the same as all the dental bills I'm amassing.

Late update: Click here to see Yours Truly on the local news last night. Hold your applause, please. Ignore the opening obtrusive commercial and watch for me at :35 and :59 into the clip.


ArtPropelled said...

Ouch didn't even flinch!

Don did you make Mr. Kleenex?
Get better soon both of you.

Lost Aussie said...

Very photogenic!
And since we have done an AC and dental bills + dental surgery this year too....I feel your PAIN!!!
Get well both - soon!

Anonymous said...

seriously looking good.
get well immediately.


Diane O. said...

The drive thru flu shot line was longer than the drive thru booze stores on a holiday weekend. What will they think of next?

layers said...

sorry to hear that both of you are under the weather-- the kleenex box is a great fun idea.

Seth said...

Love that salvaged piece. And congrats on your starring role!!