Thursday, September 3, 2009

Renner Books

Susan and I took Lisa Renner's A Waxed and Painterly Book class at Art Unraveled. Any class Lisa teaches is a sure thing - she provides everything you need, runs the class at a fast pace and troubleshoots continually. We've both taken her classes before and we've yet to see her flummoxed by anything. It doesn't make any difference to me that I don't care about making a book, it's the creative environment Lisa sets up that makes the difference.

Susan and I sat next to each other in this class, not because we were insecure and are joined at the hip, but because we were sharing our wax block and had an extra heat gun at our table, just in case. We work well together by staying focused on our own work and then asking each other's advice. Susan's advice is always something concrete, as in "Trying using this piece of red", while my advice usually is "Hmmm. Needs.... something."

Our books look similar because we didn't bother to switch away from Lisa's offered face print and we both used the same stamps, which we didn't realize until we were almost finished. After all, it's the process, not the final product, that's important. Which book is Susan's and which book is mine? What do you think?

Susan speaks: I'm starting to hate my new camera. Yes, the resolution is better due to lots more mega-whatevers, but the camera gives excessive "barrel" distortion to any shots closer than 6', regardless of the setting (see photos above). Even Photoshop tweaking doesn't get rid of it all. Aaarrrgh!


Lost Aussie said...

Try either the edit transform perspective or filter distort lens correction...
but really..the pics look just fine to me!

magpie said...

more megapixels don't necessarily mean better resolution - the size of the sensor is far more significant.

my first digi - the divine Canon G2 - has just under 4 megapixels, about what you can find in a low end phone these days, but the sensor is larger than any of the succeeding models in the G series.

I printed images for a show from that camera on 13x19 and they're GORGEOUS. My S3 can't touch it resolution wise, especially in low light.

magpie said...

which doesn't help much but i agree w/ marie - the photos look good!


Diane O. said...

Not sure if PSElements has this as an option but try this.

Select the image
Go to transform
Select Skew, Distort or Perspective

Hopefully you have one of these as a choice

ArtPropelled said...

Are you going to tell us who is who? I think the top one is Susan's ....but maybe I'm not sure, but I do love them.

Seth said...

Sounds like it was a great class. And I agree with Robyn. My vote is that Susan did the first book and you did the second. And the answer is...