Sunday, October 11, 2009

Other Worlds

Often I find someone else's blog photos inspire me to stop focusing (so to speak) on the technique of photography and just take the damned picture. The photos on Magpie's blog are one example of "Just do it."


charkstudios said...

Good photos! My camera is broken where you put the batteries, so I have to tape it up when I take shots. Kind of makes you go....what the heck...its on it's last leg anyway...and I've actually taken better photos with it!

Thanks for the inspiration from your very creative blog!

layers said...

love these-- they look like abstract paintings..

ArtPropelled said...

These are great Don. I love the top one.... and can see a frog has been sitting on the leaf at the bottom.

magpie said...

thanks for the shoutout. i've been in nonblog mode for almost a week now and trying not to feel guilty. hard tho.