Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chartreuse Is New York City's New Black

The last time we were in New York City Susan decided to take pictures of anything yellow. Excluding taxis. This time she chose Rust. We weren't 5 minutes into our first walk to the subway before she starting whining that she had picked the wrong color, no one was wearing Rust. I told her that when we got to the next corner the Color of the Day would be what we saw when we looked to the left: Green.

Easy enough. The rest of our visit was great, including grabbing her from out of the street and keeping her from walking into walls as she waved her camera around. At least every 5 minutes she would fuss that someone walked right in front of her great Green shot, or "Why can't they stand still for just 10 seconds?!?" By the second day she had narrowed down her Green focus to an even more specific shade: Chartreuse.

Who would have thought that so many people in New York City would show chartreuse green? By the time we got home she had over 200 pictures of that shade of green, and about 100 of miscellaneous other shades of green. She had even hooked Seth into looking for Chartreuse, so that as we sat outside people-watching both Seth and I were continually telling her "Green coming up! On the left! On the right."


Seth said...

Ahhhhh...memories! Thanks for the colorful view of NYC!

layers said...

dear anonymous-- or are you fully flummoxed today? neat idea-- when on an outing-- to take pictures of a certain color-- adds to the interest and fun of the day..