Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm From Venus, She's From Mars

Guess what???
I can make cookies!
Oatmeal-ChocolateChip-Raisin-Walnut Cookies, to be exact.
Yes, I can so, and they taste great.

Susan gave me a lot of coaching but aside from not knowing the difference between a tablespoon and a teaspoon and not realizing that a cookie dough blob as big as your fist might not make a proper cookie, I did it all myself.

That's my big accomplishment for this week. School starts in 8 days and obviously I have done exactly diddley-squat. About 10 times a day I see Susan staring wistfully at the Countdown calendar and I think she has stopped speaking to me unless her teeth are clenched. She keeps starting sentences out with the words "When I get my life back...." and then just sighs.

Her big accomplishment for the week was doing some magic stuff so that we can stream unlimited Netflix movies instantly to our TV. This is real magic to me because the computer is downstairs on the north side of the house and the TV is upstairs on the south side of the house. Whatever she did involved a lot of crawling around on the floor, a trip to Office Depot for some kind of cable 50 feet long, two holes drilled in the ceiling and wires snaked through the attic. The router is now in the living room and the modem is in another room and the TV in a different room.

How does this work???? I would have helped a lot but she started ignoring me when I couldn't tell the difference between the modem and the router. Well, they are both sort of square, have wire-things coming out of them and lights that flash.

To sum it up, I bake cookies and she wires the house. Your basic gender-specific characteristics at work here.


ArtPropelled said...

The cookies look good!

Is it 6 days to go now? Don,I bet your school clothes are ready and satchel packed.

Anonymous said...

ah but can you make 'em gluten free? THAT would make you the ideal man.