Monday, January 25, 2010

Rubber Band Rocks

This is some experimentation I did with rubber bands wrapped around some ceramic pods I made. The bands were to be the resist for the glaze, as seen in the top of photo. Also, they were new glazes I was trying out.

The bottom of the photo shows the result: I wasn't careful enough in applying the glaze and I didn't put enough of the green glaze on. The green glaze looks red before it's fired, the dark spots in the fired piece are the color of the clay, which was Longhorn Red.

Moving along into more successful areas, I'm reading The Power of The Dog by Don Winslow. Actually, I'm listening to it as an audible book. The story is set in Mexico and the US and portrays events in the lives of narco dealers, DEA agents and assassins. It was written in 2006 but could have easily been written today. Daily newspaper headlines now seem to echo events in Winslow's book.

The latest Netflix arrivals to our house included two absolutely incredibly great movies: The Lookout and The Secret Life of Words.

Tying those last two paragraphs together is the fact that I hate it when I'm nearing the end of a good book because I don't want the story to end. I hate it when I see a movie that is so good I get so engrossed I don't even stop to make popcorn. And I find myself thinking about the movie several days later.


Lost Aussie said...

Very cool rocks...I'd like one of those puppies!

ArtPropelled said...

Oh wow, I love them! They are so effective, the red particularly.

Seth said...

These are very cool! Maybe too cool for school even!