Thursday, January 28, 2010

Toyota Mushrooms

These guys are only about 5" high and were another experiment with new glazes. They'll go out in the garden.

As for mushrooms, lately Susan has been muttering about being a mushroom: "They think they can keep me in the dark and feed me bull%$#@ and I'll do all right."

This is in relation to the Toyota problems with stuck accelerators and the recalls they've had. She has a Toyota that has not been on the recall list (yet) but had an odd problem with the accelerator a few years ago. It only happened when she had it on cruise control so she just quit using that feature. We kept hearing more rumblings about the Toyota accelerator problems so finally she decided maybe she could let Toyota know about the possibility of a cruise control factor. She called the Toyota 1-800 number. Of course it was automated answering with no option to talk to a real person and no option related to "I think there might be another factor that could be causing problems."

So she called the local Toyota service center where she got the full mushroom treatment when she said she'd like to talk about the recent recall: "We haven't actually had any recalls, they are just Service Advisories." I dunno. If you totally stop selling your cars to isolate a problem it sure sounds like more than just an "advisory". She hung up on him. Her next car won't be a Toyota.


ArtPropelled said...

I'm beginning to wonder if all that time spent lying on the floor was actually time well spent, plotting and planning and creating wonderful sculptures in your head. The mushrooms are gorgeous!

Oh dear, how frustrating for Susan. Our next car is going to be a Kia Sorento in a few months time.

magpie said...

yum! I would love to see a field of these- hundreds...

Seth said...

These are very cool. And for sure it takes a very creative mind to have come up with them! Maybe we can look forward to a pic with them in the garden???