Monday, January 4, 2010

Which Is Better? 1 or 2?

Susan needed new glasses and that mean a new eye exam. She hates Progressives (they make her seasick and ruin her peripheral vision) and insists on bifocals, even though they have that dorky line across them. So off to Dr. Treadwell, who has been beaten into submission about the glasses prescriptions he has to write for her: One for reading only (close vision), so she doesn't have to do the turkey-necking while reading a newspaper. One for TV only (far vision), because she has astigmatism and we watch TV/Netflix in bed. One for both far and close vision - the bifocals - which she calls "My Date" glasses.

This time she insisted on an additional prescription for when she's at her computer. She's been using a pair of cheap drugstore glasses but kept rubbing her eyes a lot so she thought a prescription pair would help, especially because of the astigmatism. Sure enough, the eye exam told her she needed a much stronger correction in one eye and a little more in the other.

Since it was the end of the year all the glasses places were having sales so she could get two pairs for under $90. She chose to get a new pair of reading glasses and the computer glasses.

Several hours later:
Me: You've been at that computer for a hour now. How are the glasses working?
Susan: Great. But I've got a new problem.
Me: Now what?
Susan: Because I can focus better I can tell that this monitor is really lame. Everything I used to think was clear is now really crisp and I can see the resolution is so last-year. I need a new computer monitor, preferably much larger and with much better resolution.

And that's how an eye exam and two pairs of glasses could potentially cost me a lot more money. We'll see.


bindu said...

Hi Don - Happy New Year to you and Susan! I haven't decided whether or not to take pottery again in the Spring. I have to finish my thesis, and look for a job, and pottery is really distracting. :) Hope you've had a good break.

layers said...

I am afraid Susan is right-- I got a new computer this summer and could not believe the difference-- night and DAY