Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adorn Me! and Risë, The EGE, Janis, and EJ

Did I have a good time? You bet. One of the cool things was getting to meet Risë Freeman-Zachery and her husband, The EGE, wearing some great jeans. As I told Susan, this pictures doesn't do him justice and she probably would consider him definitely a G. Go here to see what Risë really looks like and for more details on The EGE.

Risë is an artist, a writer for Somerset Magazines, an author of several books (her newest one is Living the Creative Life), has a website, a blog, a Fan Page, does podcasts, is on? in? does? Twitter, and still finds time to hang out with ordinary people like me at AdornMe!. She probably even knows, unlike me, how to text.

Below is a sample of what happens in a class at AdornMe! (or ArtUnraveled). You can see my "spiffy" toolcase on the table, Janis is wondering what I'm doing and EJ is just barely visible past Janis. We have set up our own assembly line to make jump rings and they both need me to get back in my place and back to work.

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ArtPropelled said...

Aren't you lucky! I have 2 of Rice's books and dip into them regularly.