Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Cups

No, this isn't about bras.

Remember when I started making cups instead of test tiles? They were to check out different glazes and effects. Go here if you don't remember what started this all.

These are two of the latest ones that I'm very pleased with (more to come once I get them photographed). They are only 3 -4 inches high and I'll think about selling them at our Spring Student Art Show (April 20). Or maybe not. I've mentioned selling them on Etsy to my Blog Wrangler but she runs off screaming anytime I say anything about something that will require her to spend more time on the computer. And there's no way I can figure all of this out -- I'm still puzzled about how to listen to voice mail on my cellphone.

Just For The Record
(in case you wanted deeper insight into my creaky old soul)
Two Netflix DVDs recently viewed that I gave 5 Stars to:

Goodbye Solo
The Band's Visit


Anonymous said...

can't we just place out requests here
and bypass all that etsy hoo ha?
How much and I'll take three.


Seth said...

Both are stunners.

ArtPropelled said...

Catching up with posts since I've missed quite a few. The cups make wonderful glaze testers.. Crusty, rusty and spotty ... all are great.