Saturday, April 3, 2010

I've Been Corrected: Nicho

Our friend Wei-Li saw my niches and immediately called them "nichos", which is Spanish. Sounds good to me. This nicho is a good example of a bad technique. The shape is great and the glaze on the front is perfect but the glaze inside the nicho is bad -- wrong color and poorly applied. Our Student Art sale is April 20 so I hope someone there will be looking for a bargain.

nicho [nee'-cho]
1. Niche, a recess in a wall to place a statue in. (m)
2. Any hole or corner to put something in. (m)
3. Any employment or destination in which a person ought to be placed according to his merits. (m)


ArtPropelled said...

Whatever you put in the nicho will show up so well with the light background. A pod baby or a rusty bolt?

magpie said...

lovely in any language