Wednesday, April 28, 2010

White Cups

I buy my clay in 25-pound units. All the cups and Nichos up to this post have been made from Longhorn Red clay. A few weeks ago I had a confidence meltdown when a batch of 7 cups turned out NOT like what I had planned. I was ready to give up working with clay but Susan read me the riot act and told me to put my Big Boy boxers on and get with the program. One suggestion she gave me was to simplify what I'm doing and go back to doing what comes naturally.

I was almost out of Longhorn Red clay so I picked up some Longhorn White and quickly made these two small (under 3" high) cups. (Both went to good homes during the Student Art sale.) They aren't glazed, they just have a dark oxide stain rubbed into the clay. I'm very happy about the results and am planning to make more cups like these and some Nichos also.


ArtPropelled said...

Favourite cups! Its a pity Susan's not around when I have my meltdowns.

Seth said...

I am loving these. The colors and textures are simply perfect!