Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today, 43 Years

To Hold

So we're dust. In the meantime, my wife and I
make the bed. Holding opposite edges of the sheet,
we raise it, billowing, then pull it tight,
measuring by eye as it falls into alignment
between us. We tug, fold, tuck. And if I'm lucky,
she'll remember a recent dream and tell me.

One day we'll lie down and not get up.
One day, all we guard will be surrendered.

Until then, we'll go on learning to recognize
what we love, and what it takes
to tend what isn't for our having.
So often, fear has led me
to abandon what I know I must relinquish
in time. But for the moment,
I'll listen to her dream,
and she to mine, our mutual hearing calling
more and more detail into the light
of a joint and fragile keeping.

Li-Young Lee
from "Behind My Eyes"

Photo-November, 1965.


Lost Aussie said...

Congratulations Lovely People!
xo M&R

Susan Finsen said...

The photo is a classic! You are only missing the martini glasses.


mansuetude said...

Love this poet. I think he is a shamantic soul.

U two are beautiful.

Don Madden said...

Miracles never cease. I AM responding to comments!

M&R - Same back to you.

Susan - We're Texans, we drink margaritas down here.

Mansuetude - Thanks. and so are your blog pictures.

Diane O. said...

Belated congrats. Sorry we couldn't link up in S.A. Thought of you when I had a margarita though.