Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Techno-Romantic Jewelry

A lot of May was spent traveling and taking art classes. July snuck up on us because somewhere along the way we lost most of June to intertia.  My Blog Wrangler has been having fits about her new computer's new operating system and new version of Internet Explorer and new version of Blogger for her to cope with. Not to mention the many programs she has had to re-download that have resulted in her getting a newer version of the program that she now hates because a lot of her favorite features have disappeared.  All of this makes me dare not even think of asking, "How's my blog doing?"

One class I took was from Thomas Mann, a very talented and prolific artist. This is my first attempt at making a complex (for me) piece that is a "sandwich" brooch, about 3½ inches high. There is plexiglass in between the pieces of metal and lots of very small bolts holding it together. By small I mean that each bolt is almost less than the thickness of pencil lead. I'm getting much better at sawing curved edges.

The little doodad on the top is just something I pulled out of my junk box. I thought it was a bee but someone told me it was a fly. My response is one that usually makes me grit my teeth when I hear someone say it but it is appropriate here:  Whatever.

Below is a picture of some of his sample pieces that Thomas brought to class. I can only get better. I hope.


Diane O. said...

Beautiful. Let's see more A&S.

ArtPropelled said...

You ARE quieter than usual. Hope you are over the inertia. (Summer does that to me too). I like your romantic fly piece. Wish I could fly over and do a few of these classes.

Seth said...

Nice work Don. I think this medium suits ya!