Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ants in My Pants

We always make a family visit in Washington DC, specifically to stay at the Sheila B&B. Usually we are the first visitors in the spring so Sheila counts on me to put the BBQ grill back in shape for the summer. She cooks us great meals while we are there and I man (yes, M-A-N) the grill, usually for salmon. This summer she and I were very surprised to find a huge colony of ants had decided to take over the grill. There was a lot of ant smacking before we got dinner started.

A special treat at Sheila's is CallieCat. Or, as she prefers, Ms. Callie. She is a funny, friendly cat but gets totally spooked at nothing for no reason at all (that we humans can figure out) and will subsequently disappear for a day or so. She also is very shy about having her picture taken.

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