Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Caught In A Trap with Richard Salley

In Richard Salley's Caught In A Trap class at ArtUnraveled we learned how to make a setting stone look like it was pierced through the metal, or, as Susan puts it, look as if it was shot through like a bullet. I really enjoy being in Richard's classes because he's easy-going, helpful, always coming up with new class themes that are creative and different, and best of all, I get to play with fire and power tools.  Take at look at his website to see what I mean -- keep looking at the image for more than a few seconds.

That's my piece above, below is a picture of a piece made by a fellow student, Ellen Alsever. The piece on the right might have been made by her mother but maybe not; anyway, I did take a picture.
Late edit: It is Ellen's mother, Cathy Keith, whose piece is on the right.

This final picture is of the two pieces Janis made.

I am very fortunate to have a lot of creative people in class with me to help me along the way. Which way that is I'm not sure of, but at least I'm moving.

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