Friday, August 20, 2010

Creating Containers and Hollow Forms with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan Lenart Kazmer is so energetic and enthusiastic in her teaching that you can't help but have a great time in her classes.  She also sells some terrific stuff online and at Michaels. If you click here you'll be able to eventually get to the video of her introducing the new stuff.  Trust me, she is abnormally calm and subdued in that video, in real life she has 10 times more energy than I ever had.  Above is what I made, below is the piece Janis made.


Diane O. said...

Really nice. My previous offer still stands... if Susan doesn't want any of this (since she doesn't wear jewelry that much) I'll be happy to be the model for a long term contract!

ArtPropelled said...

Great piece Don!

Seth said...

Both pieces = wonderful!