Friday, August 27, 2010

Seth's Influence

One of my favorite people, and an artist I have tremendous respect, for is Seth Apter. If Seth does it, it has to be good. So, if Seth has a Bisley, I have to have a Bisley. So now I do. Go here to find out all about Seth and where to get more information, including his thoughts about Bisley.

After an all-day running around excursion to Container Store twice, Costco, the Post Office, Michaels, and Ikea we were exhausted. Ikea is about 45 minutes away and once you get in there, getting out under 2 hours is impossible, especially when someone (I won't name her) insists on sitting in EVERY chair on the display floor, "just to see if I might like it". Ok, let's name her Goldilocks. At least we could take a coffee break in their cafe.

At Ikea Goldilocks spotted the just-right set of drawers she needed -- they are about 24"x17" and that's perfect for half-sheets of large paper. So we bought 2 of them because you never know when you'll need more drawer space to dump stuff in so you can't ever find it again. They are RA which means they come in 7,364 parts with 962 pieces of hardware. That's my opinion but Goldilocks is a pro at assembly, which she attributes to years of sewing with patterns, so both were assembled and in place in under an hour!  At which point we decided we liked them so much that I went back the next day and got another one.

What are we doing right now? I'm rearranging my jewelry "studio" area and putting a lot of things away because my focus for the next 4 months will be ceramics. More about my paradigm shift to come.

Goldilocks is making quilts for some little boys, one in progress ("Pinwheel", shown below.

Marcy has sent us tons of information of Colorado in case we could ever possibly sell our house and move there.

We have been very busy lately. As the expression goes, "No rest for the wicked."


Lost Aussie said...

You two are always at things at the speed of light! Never a dull or quiet moment that I can tell! Love your recent metalwork projects and I think Goldilocks can put me down for a quilt too!

ArtPropelled said...

The new set of drawers is looking .... just right..... and I don't think I would be out of Ikea in less than several hours either.

Seth said...

Bisley rocks! And what you said about me...right back at ya!

Diane O. said...

Colorado? What happened to Virginia? Are we second potato now? Like the new drawers and it is nice to finally see a bit of Susan's I mean Goldilocks quilting.