Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Acla Family

The Acla Family has gone over to Austin Art Garage. Go here if you are interested. (If their website isn't updated yet, email them to nudge them along.) I am very, very happy that my blog readers appreciate and value the work I do and I am very, very happy to read all the positive coments.  Thank you.  To answer the questions some people have asked me:
  • No, I don't have an Etsy shop. Yet.
  • No, I don't sell these ceramic sculpture pieces myself.
  • Yes, they are for sale at Austin Art Garage.
  • Yes, you can buy them even though you don't live in Austin. 
  • As long as I have a gallery that accepts these pieces I won't sell them on Etsy. There have been some pieces that are of a different style that the gallery hasn't been interested in so far. Those might go to Etsy in the future. You'll be the first to know.
The next answer is for the people who have asked me why I keep selling through a gallery that, by the nature of gallery business, keeps a large percentage of the sale money:
  • Joel Ganucheau and Jake Bryer, owners of the gallery, have been supportive of me and my work from the very first time I showed it to them. 
  • Their gallery is devoted to presenting the work of emerging artists at reasonable prices.  I'm an emerging artist. I don't have a long art resume, I don't have an entourage, I don't have an art ego, and I'm willing to make my art affordable. 
  • I wanted a gallery to handle my sales because I did not want to have to deal with the sales aspect and all the miscellaneous details like shipping, storage, tax records, receipts, etc.   

The Acla Family is actually named for A-ustin C-ity L-imits A-gain. Yes, it's that time of year, when music lovers head to Austin and we try to figure out different ways to get around town and avoid the traffic jams and road closures.

The four close-up shots are all of Acla4 and he is the only Dude I have photos of from all four sides.  I thought you'd be interested it what he really looks like. I don't have photos of the other Dudes, except for what's on the Austin Art Garage website, because I was in a hurry to get them over there. And I'm moving on to other work. But don't worry, eventually more Dudes will show up.


Dyche Designs said...

Your pieces look great, they must be fun to create. The gallery sounds like an amazing place too . . . it's always good when relationships like that work so well.

ArtPropelled said...

What a great looking dude! It's nice to see him from all sides too.

People have asked me the same questions about why I would rather pay the gallery to sell my work than have an open studio for buyers to come and choose what they want here at home and perhaps make a bigger profit. You won't believe the time wasted when people come shopping in my home. Hour upon hour of interruptions. It is well worth having a gallery handle everything.

Lost Aussie said...

Well I'd like to add another of your pieces to our collection but the AAG is not up to speed yet and your dudes are nowhere to be found!

Don Madden said...

Austin Art Garage now has all the pieces shown. Thanks for all your interest. I'm already starting to miss the Dudes!

Seth said...

The dudes always show up! Great looking group.

Barbara said...

The dudes are great. I think I need to go buy one.

rebeca trevino said...

I came across your blog, somehow, and totally enjoyed my visit. The "dudes" are terrific, I espeicially enjoyed the 'papertowel' tip.