Friday, October 8, 2010

Obedience School

Above are two unfired pots I've made recently, both are made with Raku clay.  Just so you know I have been working.

My classes are taught through Austin Community College and this semester the class I'm in is scheduled out at Laguna Gloria. This is a great location and, aside from being able to find a parking space, it's a heavily wooded area right on the lake where peacocks have free-range permission to roam the campus and audit any class they like. In the videos below you'll see just a few of the many I see every time I'm out there. This guy was probably waiting for someone to open the door for him and let him in the classroom.

I don't see that he has any ears or he would have obeyed me because I definitely have an authoritative and commanding voice.

Did you know peacocks came in brown and white as well as the typical blue-green? The coloring could easily be a gender thing but I'm not checking under their feathers to tell you who is what.


ArtPropelled said...

Your new work is looking good.Great layers and texture.
I think Peacock would much rather look at his reflection than obey you Don, but you can see he is torn ..... the door or Don?

martha brown said...

I can't believe that he didn't listen to you. You sounded SO autoritative :)
Male Peacocks are more colourful and have that big beautiful plumage. Peahens have shorter tail feathers.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Are we going to get to see the new pots once they're fired? I love raku!