Friday, January 7, 2011

Charlie Ferguson: Wasted Expressions

I love this guy's photography (Charlie Ferguson, here). We caught this show near the very end; if you live in Austin you have a chance to run over and see it at the L. Nowlin Gallery (here) before they take it down.

These are all pictures of dumpsters. The same damned dumpsters I see every time I ride my bike in Austin. The same damned dumpsters I totally ignore. But not anymore.

I like to think that "art" is anything that makes you look at your environment with a little more focus.  Charlie's photos are beautiful art. You can't tell me the first image doesn't look like a magical night sky.


Seth said...

An interesting definition of art. And great photos. The first one is calling my name!

Sharmon Davidson said...

The dumpsters are beautiful- which is something I didn't ever expect to say!