Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christopher and Caitlin

We have a nephew. He has his Aunt's (and father's) wicked and warped sense of humor. These two managed to have an easy-going afternoon with us (and other family) without constantly looking at their phones.

He's smart and is studying Music Education. His girlfriend is smart, too. She's studying biology and wants to be a doctor.

There is hope for our future.

In a totally unrelated pivot, we've been catching up on our Netflix lately:

5 Stars to The Girl in the Cafe and to Welcome.
1 Star to Italian for Beginners , which we didn't even finish.
2 Starts to The Deep End. We got this one because of Tilda Swinton and her performance in Michael Clayton (5 Stars). Her performance in this was okay but the story was preposterous and homophobic.

We've also been reading:

Me - The Book Thief
5 Stars - I love it and don't want it to end.
Normally I listen to audio books (much easier to cope with for people with dyslexia) but Susan insisted this one had to be read because of the illustrations on a few pages. Perfect decision.

Susan - Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter
3 Stars - Good story, stereotyped characters, easy-to-guess bad guy, iffy writing style and/or bad editing.

[Susan insists on speaking:

I don't care if the author is living in Mississippi, I've lived in the south and "y'all" is written with an apostrophe to indicate the omission of  the "ou"' in "you all" (or, if you are prissy, "all of you"), and thus the formation of the contraction.  

As everyone south of the Mason-Dixon Line knows, "y'all" can be both the singular and, most commonly, the plural of "you". As in "Y'all coming along, Billy Bob?" or "Y'all ready to eat now, folks?" To further confound y'all, there is a plural - "Y'alls coming to the movies with me?" and a possessive - "Is that y'all's dog there?" Moving along, there is the inclusion of everyone present with the "Are all y'alls ready to go?" And so on.

To write the word "yall" implies we Southerners don't know what we are saying. Get it, y'all? ]