Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Tooth

Susan calls this piece "The Tooth." The old faded silk artichoke from Michaels' was the perfect finish for it. It's about 7" high.  The base is a piece of cement. When Celeste put this piece in the kiln she thought the glaze might run off so she put it on a chunk of cement so it wouldn't mess up the kiln shelf. The glaze did run and stuck the "Tooth" to the cement - and I really like it. 

Celeste is the Lab Technician, aka "Kiln Goddess", where my classes are held (Julie is my Other Kiln Goddess at the other location). She is very helpful and supportive, as is Julie, and if it wasn't for my Kiln Goddesses I wouldn't have been half as successful in achieving the looks I want for my pieces.  When they come out wrong, it's the Kiln God's fault, not the Goddess.  (Susan's response to this piece of information: So, what else is new?)

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ArtPropelled said...

That was a lucky surprise, finding "the tooth" stuck to the cement. It goes well with the artichoke.