Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feather Your Nest

Katie came to class this week with a lot of feathers to work into hair of the female classmates. Hey, don't leave me out! So far this has stayed in 2 days, much to Susan's dismay because every time she sees it she thinks there's a bug in my hair. I just can't believe Katie was able to make it work with my short (and fading fast) hair but I guess you women do this extension thing (not at all related to those spam email offers) to make it stick together.

Class is officially from 1-4 and then Mike teaches a second class from 6-9. Sometimes a few of us take a break between 4 and 6 and hit nearby restaurants to have an early dinner and catch up on what's happening with each other. This picture was taken at The Spicy Pickle and you can see the feathers in Jytte's hair. Also shown are Mike, our instructor, and Mary, who is a close neighbor as well as a classmate.

Yes, some ceramic work does get done in class. This little guy is in the working stage, not yet leather-hard/fired.

Believe it or not, the bottom two pictures were taken, BY ME, with my phone and....
(drum roll here)
.... actually sent to Susan.

Susan speaks: Don't get too excited, he still can't figure out how to do a blog post without sobbing, whining, and begging for help. And he still can't remember his phone number and usually can't figure out how to answer his phone when I call him. Texting? Dream on.


ArtPropelled said...

A full day of work and play. Laughing at Susan's remark. The cellphone part sounds very familiar. He has now mastered texting so there is hope for Don.

martha brown said...

Love the new hair do, Don! AND I love this figure! I really want one of these guys. Austin ArtGarage can't figure out how to send to Canada. Can I make arrangements for you to bring me one to Phoenix in August?

Seth said...

I am not sure which I love more... your wonderful artwork or the banter between Susan and you!