Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lucinda Hutson's Garden

Today I ran an errand and took a back street I'd never been on before. I saw a woman working in her front yard garden and was so impressed by the garden and her house that I stopped.  Her garden was fantastic and so was her house, so I took some pictures. She was very friendly and chatted with me about her garden and even gave me some plants for my yard.

When I got home I started to tell this to Susan and said "Her name is Lucinda...."
Susan: "Wait. I bet I know who she is, she's Lucinda Hutson and she's a famous cookbook author."

How in the hell does Susan know all this stuff? The day my wife stops amazing me with the bits of surprising or unusual or obscure or miniscule or arcane information she has retained will be the day I stop breathing.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from her yard and colorful house.  I hope you'll check out her website for lots more information, and not just because she wrote a Tequila cookbook.

To make this art related, here is a picture of some pieces that are going to be fired soon.  The largest is about 5" tall, most are about 2-3" tall.  Three different kinds of clay and 5 different glazes.  We'll see.....

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