Monday, April 11, 2011

ACC Student Art Sale 2011

The ACC (Austin Community College) Student Art Sale is Tuesday, April 12, from 9 -5 at the Rio Grande Campus (12th and Rio Grande). If you live in Austin, please come by because I have a table and will be selling lots of stuff. We do this every year and it benefits our Scholarship fund.  These pictures show some of the pieces I'll have for sale.

The question I keep getting asked is this:

If your Blog Wrangler has set you up with an Etsy* shop why are you selling at this Student Art Show instead of through your Etsy* shop?
The answers are these:
1) By "purchasing" a table at the ACC Student Art Sale I will be helping out the school's scholarship fund.
2) Some of the pieces I'm selling are too big or too fragile to sell to anyone who has to have them shipped to them. Some are "seconds" - pieces of unsatisfactory quality but someone might want them anyway.
3) Because I have low traffic to my blog I don't think I'd have much traffic to an Etsy* shop and thus the pieces wouldn't sell and that would screw up my self-confidence.
4) Because I'm lazy and techno-phobic and techno-ignorant and would make my Blog Wrangler handle all the details and she does enough for me by just keeping up this blog.

None of this excuses the fact that I do have loyal Readers who voiced interest in some of my work and I've not followed through. If that's you once again, Blog Reader, mea culpa.

*Late Edit: The Etsy shop doesn't have stuff in it. I signed him up for it to save the name (Flummoxed) because his name was already taken. Someday we'll put things in there (both mine and his) and you Blog readers will be the first to know.   ----- Susan


Lost Aussie said...

Who knew you had an Etsy store? Do you have a link to it anywhere?

Diane O. said...

Good luck with the sale.

Seth said...

Etsy! It was only a matter of time. Congrats. I cannot wait to go shopping!