Friday, April 1, 2011

Adorn Me - Repoussé Without Pitch

These pictures are from Richard Salley's Repoussé Without Pitch class. We didn't use pitch and I have no idea what pitch is and why you would use it anyway -- I guess Ignorance is Bliss for me. Repoussé means you shape the metal from the backside to make raised areas on the front side. We then could assemble the shaped pieces into pendants but most of us just kept working on our small pieces to get the technique down. The bright colors came from the torching of the copper and most of us were using the tools we had made in his previous toolmaking class.

The picture above is one of my pieces and so is this one right below, which Susan calls "Man with Creative Atomic Fart". 

The following pictures are from just a few of my classmates and I took the pictures early in the day so they don't really show the finished product. But at least you can get an idea of how good we all were!
 Julia Morrison, using silver mesh on her piece

 Brenda McCoy

 Kelly Schroeder

 Martina Stein

 Laura Henry

 Rob McDonald

Sally Turlington
This last photo shows one of Richard's pieces so you can get an idea of how the finishing of the piece could go.


Lost Aussie said...

Nice collection! Push and shove at it's best.

ArtPropelled said...

Yes you are all very but Susan takes the prize. She cracks me up!