Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adorn Me: Resin Paper and Carol and The End

You might be tired of seeing my Adorn Me stuff but I keep having people tell me "Why don't you show what you did?". So I am. And this is the end of it. For another year, anyway.

The picture above is of me, Carol Wingfield Myers and Richard Salley, our instructor. Carol is the pretty one, I'm the amazingly handsome one and Richard is just in there trying to suck up our glory.  Below is another picture of Carol and below that a picture of her repoussé piece (she's a fast worker!). Carol sent me these pictures for my blog, which I appreciate immensely. She also gave me a beautiful card that shows her Facebook address (her full name).

My final class was a short workshop with Jane Salley, Resin Papers.  Go back here and scroll to the last photo and you'll see how Rene used pieces of the resined paper. The resin makes them stiff and shiny, almost like thin pieces of mica. Susan has already appropriated most of the ones I made.

P.S. I'm not in Facebook and therefore don't have a Facebook account so I am not able to see 99% of the Facebook pages people tell me about as they require a Login to Facebook. I appreciate the need to keep Facebook viewing limited to "Friends" and I'd like to think I'm your Friend but I can't be your Facebook Friend and see what you do since I don't have a Facebook account and I don't really want one, thank you. How about if I'm just your Friend in the real world?


Diane O. said...

I'll be your realworld friend. I'm not on Facebook either... love technology but I just don't get the Facebook thing. BTW I don't tweet either.

Great job on the Resin Paper. I can see uses for those.

Lost Aussie said...

Well I know I am your (and Susan's) real world friend - so that is cleared up right away!
I always need a stiff drink before I contemplate logging in to Facebook, seems it works better if your neurons are half blasted! (no offense to anyone who is a lover of it!!!).